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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's a Scrunchy Funnel, Ellen?

Actually it's a scrunchy 'neck' funnel. It's a great neck piece that fits nicely inside a coat. Sometimes I find scarves and cowls too bulky. When wearing some scarves and cowls, I can't do my winter coat up all the way and my neck still gets cold. With a scrunchy funnel, you can wear it and still do up your coat. It creates that necessary extra layer and keeps out the chill.

I tried to get Ellen to model this piece but it just wouldn't work because she doesn't have a head. Alana saved the day! We went to Bowring Park last Saturday afternoon later in the day to get that nice last light. It was -9C, but Alana was a great model and bared the cold with a big smile. At the end of the photo shoot, I gave her the scrunchy funnel. She certainly deserved to have it! :-)  As a matter of fact, Alana was wearing a cowl when she picked me up, but when she modelled the scrunchy funnel and I gave it to her, she left it on because it was warmer and fit the neck of her winter coat much better than the cowl. Mission accomplished! (Actually I borrowed the cowl because I didn't wear a scarf at all! What was I thinking?!)

The Scrunchy Neck Funnel is machine knit with 2 balls of Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash Wool.  This wool is lovely and soft when washed, and it's super warm.

The pattern for the Scrunchy Neck Funnel is available for purchase here.

While Alana and I were at the park I got a few shots of the sliders and the sun going down. It was a nice outing and photo shoot despite the cold. When we were done at the Park we went to our house  for supper and tea, to warm up!

This photo give some idea of how steep this hill really is.
You can't appreciate the steepness from the side view (next photo).

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