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Monday, January 21, 2013

That's Jazzy, Ellen!

Many, many years ago, in a land far, far away, there once was a knitter who knit jazzy clothes for her children and children's dolls. The children loved the jazzy clothes and the children's dolls loved them also. The knitter even won an award for the jazziest garment in a regional fashion show. Then the knitter found another job, stopped knitting and lost her jazziness. Many years passed and the knitter, who was no longer a knitter, decided she should try to find her jazziness again, so she began searching. She searched and searched but found nothing. She tried making things but none of it was jazzy. "Oh dear!", she cried. "How can I find my jazziness?"

Fairytale?  No, not really. The above description describes me pretty accurately. 

Before Christmas I promised Andrea a sweater but explained that it would be knit after Christmas. Last week when I was preparing to knit it, I asked Andrea if she had any ideas. She said she wanted a cropped sweater, with a boat neck and to make it jazzy like when she was a kid. Hmm.... where to begin? A jazzy sweater for a child is very different from a jazzy sweater for an adult. Oh well. I have to start somewhere!

The sweater featured below is my first attempt at "jazzy".  Of course, Ellen was all about modelling this one! It's machine knit with Patons Canadiana, with Berlini Bunny Soft and Magical Treat used as accents (hand knit and crocheted). The Magical Treat has a lot of sparkle that I didn't capture well in the photos. Sometimes I find inspiration for colour combinations in nature. This sweater is inspired by 'winter twilight' where the sky is dark blue, there's pink from a setting sun and the stars are becoming visible.

This is the beginning of my study of jazziness! :-)

Front patch is a pocket.

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