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Monday, December 17, 2012

You Need a Dog, Ellen!

Maybe it's me who needs the dog, not Ellen. Then I'd have to take Ellen, and the dog, everywhere. Wonder how they'd get along in the back of the car? Ellen probably wouldn't fare out too well in that situation.  :-)

I am hand knitting some dog collars for friends' grand-dogs for Christmas presents but Ellen had to model one of them so I could show a potential customer how it looks. Ellen would rather not model dog collars, but hey I think it looks great on her!

We did get the snow the weather-people forecasted, but it was a day late in coming. When I went to the pond yesterday to feed the birds, I took a few snaps with my phone. The geese were happy to see me and made sure I didn't get away without sharing the bag of seeds with them. 

The bells go on the dog's front so they'll jungle when he/she walks.

Back view.

I love how they look like they are smiling. 


  1. Betty, the picture of the geese smiling is the MOST fantastic photo. I love the subject matter (smiling geese, who can resist?). The composition with the water and ducks in the background, and the colours, beautiful. You're an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for writing Terri. I appreciate your comment.