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Friday, December 14, 2012

Warm Now, Ellen?!

The past few days around these parts has been lovely - when you look out the window. Blue sky, sunshine and a scattered puffy cloud. The outdoor thermometer just outside our kitchen window registers +30C when the sun shines upon it. However, when you open the front door, it's a different story! Early this morning it was -5C, and with the wind chill, it felt like -13C. It did warm up later in the day though.

Ellen is not pleased with these temperatures, her being a Californian girl and all. She was pretty happy to see me knit a woollen leg warmer a few weeks ago. However, her happiness was diminished when I started to knit the second one! She did get the opportunity to try one on before I gave them to my friend for her birthday.

According to the weather network, we are supposed to get 10-15 cm of snow tomorrow, so I thought I should visit Bowring Park this afternoon and get a few snaps before the snow flies. It'll be a different looking place tomorrow!

Popcorn on a tree? :-)

Leg warmers (100% Italian merino wool)

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