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Monday, November 5, 2012

In the Woods, Ellen!

This past weekend we were invited to our friends' cabin for supper and to spend the night before they closed it up for the winter. While we were in the neighbourhood, we offered help to another friend who had wood to split and stack. We even had the opportunity to go to a neighbourhood annual bonfire later in the evening!

Not thinking, I left Ellen and my new sweater at home. Then when I arrived at the cabin where we went to help with the wood, I soon realized that Ellen was missing a great photo opportunity, so I used my phone to capture some of the fun - minus Ellen, unfortunately! Ellen got her two minute photo shoot on the back patio after we came home.

My new sweater is machine knit using Knit Picks Andean Treasure, which is 100% baby alpaca. The trim is hand knit. I really like this one. It's cozy, plus has real nice drape.

You'll notice in the sidebar I've added another Craftsy logo. I've decided to promote Craftsy simply because I think it's fabulous. You can join for free and then sign up for all sorts of craft and related courses that you can do in your own time. The prices are very reasonable and they have promotions all the time. When you buy a course, you can sign in and do the course (or a segment of it) whenever you like. Once you pay for it, the course never expires. If there's a technique you are trying to master, you can view it as many times as you like until you get it right. I've done a couple of their courses and really enjoyed them and learned a lot. I don't intend for the blog to be cluttered with advertising, but I do think Craftsy is worth promoting because it's fun!

Neil B and Neil N using the wood splitter.
John was wheeling the split wood to the stacking location.

My job was making splits. I did split enough to fill this container.  :-)

John adding to the drying stack.

Huge bonfire!

My new sweater!

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