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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cowls and Trains, Ellen!

What do cowls and trains have in common? Not much really, except that they were together with Ellen last Saturday in Whitbourne.

John and I had to go around the bay last Saturday. It was raining and I debated whether Ellen should go or stay home. I had received a comment during the week saying that Leezel probably shouldn't hang out with Ellen because she doesn't get out much anymore. I took the hint and figured Ellen won't melt in the rain so she should come along. The sceneries along our route on Saturday were grey, so we decided to stop at the train station in Whitbourne, where CN train 940 is preserved near the town hall. (Click the link for further train info.)

I had hand knit two cowls. Ellen was anxious to board the caboose and model them. The cream coloured cowl is knit with Patons Angora Bamboo. I cast on a few hundred stitches on a circular needle and kept knitting a lacy stitch until the 3 balls of yarn were gone. The second one is knit with an Italian kid mohair in a lacy stitch that I made up. (At least I think I made it up because I couldn't find it it any of the stitch dictionaries.) :-)  I started that one as a scarf in June on a road trip, knit a little bit of it every now and again, but got tired of it. So, I twisted it, joined it, gathered it and voila! - made a cowl. 

Leezel does have new clothes, but I have to get more buttons. We'll do a little fashion show next post!

As you know from previous posts, I've been feeding the little birds in the neighbourhood for a while now. We have scattered visits from blue jays, but this past week we had a new visitor. I think it's a Northern Flicker, a member of the woodpecker family. I Googled "bird with red V on back neck" and that's what I found! So, the feeding station is a success with frequent clean up being necessary.  :-)

Rain cloud approaching.
As soon as I put Ellen back in the truck, it started to pour!

Too big to fit in the house, but determined to get a snack!

Line up!  :-)

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