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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Over the Place, Ellen!

Last week we did a short (in duration, not distance) road trip to Grand Falls-Windsor, which is considered to be in Central Newfoundland. I was delighted to find that many trees still had their leaves, especially around the Gambo area.

Earlier this year when we were out that way, I noticed a beaver dam with a 'For Sale' sign on it in the middle of a pond beside the highway. At the time I first saw it we were in fast moving traffic and didn't stop. This time I took the camera determined to get a snap of it. I did get a shot, but discovered that it's now "Sold"!  The beaver must be building a new place! Everyone's into real estate these days! :-)

Then on Sunday, John, Ellen and I took a drive out to Baynoddy Farm, in Chapel's Cove. Linda and Bernard Lewis own the farm and Linda spins, weaves, sells yarn, and sweaters, among other items. We chatted with Linda for a while and had a quick look around the farm, spoke to the sheep and one of the llamas. They have two llamas, but the white one was in the barn.

Recently I've been keeping my eye out for a bag of fleece because I want to make a doll sometime before Christmas and stuff it with fleece. I lucked in and was able to buy a bag of washed and picked fleece from Linda. Yay!

While we were at Baynoddy, Ellen mentioned that it was a great place for her to help show one of the children's sweaters. This one is a boy's sweater machine knit using a pattern card in tuck stitch mode with Patons DK Superwash Wool. The neck is hand knit.

Busy, but fun week!

I like pictures of tall grass!

Gambo - looking right from the highway.

Gambo - looking left. Those trees are lovely!

Area of "sold" beaver dam. 


The tall, wispy birches of Central Newfoundland.

Ellen at Baynoddy

Llama in the doorway of the barn.

I love how when you speak to sheep, they look right at you!

I guess we weren't very interesting.

View at Baynoddy.

Barn and front yard at Baynoddy.

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