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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a Day on the Bay, Ellen!

Ellen finally came home on Tuesday and was all fired up to go knitting after her extended vacation, but when my brother called yesterday and asked if I wanted to go out on the bay with him, I simply had to leave the knitting and go.

What a perfect day! The ocean was flat calm. It was sunny and 26 degrees C. And, to add a pleasant surprise, my rubber boots don't pinch my legs anymore! We went out around Kelly's Island. That's the first time I'd seen what was behind the Island! Then, we went down along Conception Bay as far as Topsail Beach, where there were dozens of people playing on the beach and in the ocean. We trolled for sea trout for a while, but no luck on that front.

Anyway, the pictures tell the story. Back to knitting next post!

Going out through the channel at Long Pond.

Looking back at Long Pond.

Rubber boots fit much better!

Jasmine Knutsen oil tanker.

Three oil tankers in the Bay.

Going around the bend at Kelly's Island.

Back of Kelly's Island.

Liquid mirror

Shipping channel marker

Jellyfish - we saw several.

Large jellyfish!

Topsail Beach

Cave near Topsail Beach. Someone has placed a bench inside it.

This boat was going out through the channel when we were going back in.

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