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Friday, August 31, 2012

Crazy Camo, Ellen!

Let's back up to July for a few minutes so I can show you the camo blanket I made for a family friend's birthday. He's been wanting a blanket for some time so I thought I'd surprise him with one for his birthday. Getting my hands on some camo yarn proved to be more or a challenge than I had anticipated but I ended up getting 3 balls of it! Then I found the rest at Michaels. The green parts look kind of odd in the pictures but there is a subtle green in the camo yarn so I think it looks alright in real life.  :-)

Ellen came to Cape Spear with me for the photo shoot, but she kept getting blown over so I had to put her back in the car while I went exploring. She graciously participated again when I used the left over yarn for a camo cap.

You can see Fort Amherst and Cabot Tower in the distance.

There were irises everywhere!

Lighthouse and other buildings at Cape Spear.
The centre building is an art gallery and the building on the right is a gift shop.

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