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Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally Finished Ellen!

The sweater featured in this post took what seemed like forever to knit! I think I started it last October and finished it last week. It took a long time, not because it was difficult, but because I machine knit the parts and then, other things that I deemed to be more fun, took priority. I intended this one to be for me so I suppose in the back of my mind I knew I wasn't in a hurry for it. Anyway, I'm delighted that it's finally finished because now I can get on to other, more fun stuff, like the silk lace scarf I have started! The sweater is knit with Patons Bamboo Silk. I pinned the back of it with clothespins when it was on Ellen because she is size 8 and I'm size 14.  I like the buttons.

Yesterday evening we took Ellen to the pond near Topsail Beach for a quick photo shoot. The road to the beach is lined with beautiful properties that contain beautiful mature gardens.  We stopped along the road and in some cases I stuck my camera in over fences to get better shots of the flowers and trees.

I love lilac trees! So, earlier this week, when we stopped by David and Alana's place, I got a snippet off their lilac tree.  Yesterday I went to the hardware store and bought some Stim-root to attempt to grow my own tree from theirs. I looked up the instructions on the Internet and planted two clippings this morning. Below you will see a picture of the tiny greenhouse I've made. I suppose I could go buy a lilac tree, but I think it's more fun if you can grow one from a clipping that's from a tree of a friend or relative. Wish me luck! My gardening skills are not consistent!

Ellen is much happier with the warmer weather.  :-)

People congregating on Topsail Beach.
You can see Bell Island in the distance.

Lots of seagull activity in the pond.

Topsail Beach through the trees.

An "over the fence" shot.

Love this garden!

Lilacs in bloom

Tiny greenhouse

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