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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Suit Up, Ellen!

Ellen is actually wearing a suit in this post, but "suit up" could have various meanings; such as putting on your snow suit! 

Looking ahead at the forecast on Tuesday, it looked like Tuesday would be the only sunny day for the rest of the week and so far, it's true! It snowed yesterday and it's snowing today.

Tuesday I had some errands to run, including sending parcels, so I took Ellen out beside our shed in the backyard for her photo shoot because I had to get the suit packaged and sent off to Andrea same day. Then, when I went out to do errands I took the camera to get a few shots around town to include in this post.  Turns out I came across some pretty neat stuff (and creatures)!

The last few pictures are taken with my phone so the quality is not great. The lens in the phone had dust on it from the duck food that somehow ended up in my pocket. 

I always say that I'd love to have a personal flying machine because I think that I could neatly hover over or between buildings and get the perfect shots. I've always wanted to take pictures from an elevated point of view. Well, walking on the street just behind the Mile One Centre in St. John's is 'almost' like having a personal flying machine. You really do get a bird's-eye view from up there. All the same, a personal flying machine would be ideal!

Oh yes, the suit!.....After making the top a couple of weeks ago, Andrea mentioned that she'd also like a headband. I knit the headband, then thought about the Barbie outfits I used to make for the girls' dolls when they were little, so I figured I'd knit a matching skirt. Knit the skirt then noticed I could see through it, so had to go to Sears Days and buy an underslip so no one will see Andrea's underwear when she wears the skirt. So, the lace you see under the skirt is the tail of the purchased underslip. All three items (top, skirt, headband) are machine knit with Berlini Smile (50% cotton/50% acrylic). 

Hopefully it will all fit Andrea and she will look like a dolly when she wears it. 
Ellen will be so jealous!  :-)

Cabot Place, Downtown St. John's

I like reflections in glass

Top of City Hall Parking Garage in the foreground

You can see how useful a personal flying machine would be!

Each house has a porthole window. Neat!

I love the new colours!


Happy Newfoundland Dog
Too big to ride in the cab?

I met this guy on my walk.
Please forgive the poor quality - dust from duck food on phone camera lens.

Wednesday - Quite a switch from Tuesday!

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