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Sunday, April 22, 2012

No Canoe For You, Ellen!

Friday evening my brother, Tom, called to ask if I'd like to join him in his canoe for an evening on a pond somewhere on the Salmonier Line. Well he didn't have to ask twice! John was away so I quickly found my rubber boots and headed to the place where he asked me to meet him. 

I took a pocket camera because I didn't want to go trotting off to meet Brother with big camera and gear. Wouldn't want him to be put off from asking me out again! 

The scenery was the same as that which surrounds most Newfoundland wilderness ponds, which is rugged but beautiful; rocks in the middle of the pond with trees growing out the side of them, little waterfalls coming out of the woods and with no wind the Pond was like a mirror.

As we went around the Pond in the canoe, Tom showed me all the nooks and crannies of the place. Just when I thought we were at the end and would have to turn around, Tom maneuvered the canoe to show me a small waterway that linked to another pond! So neat! We parked the canoe and walked in the woods for a bit. We even saw moose tracks! No moose though. At the end of the waterway there is a ramp for boats to launch into the next pond, and there's a winch hooked up to a tree to help on the way out. Some people think of everything!

Oh yes! Friday morning I had the opportunity to revisit Quidi Vidi. I was determined to find out if there was one iceberg or two. Seems like two is the answer unless they are joined under the water. I got a bit closer than I did on Thursday, so thought I'd upload a couple of those pictures. I went early morning to avoid heavy traffic but there were people there ahead of me.

And, seeing Ellen had to stay home all week, I knit a summer top for her to model. The top is machine knit with Berlini Smile (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) with crocheted edgings. Ellen modelled that this afternoon in the backyard. I did some gardening today so Ellen came out with me for a bit.

Heading up the Pond

Exploring the edges of the Pond. Small waterfall to the left. It sounded much bigger.

Waterway to next pond

Ramp at the end of waterway

Beautiful sunset.

Heading back toward our vehicles

Two icebergs (and a man)

A little closer

Iceberg visitors balancing on the sea wall

Quidi Vidi beach, some fishermen sheds and new homes

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