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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mesh for Summer, Ellen!

Gee, spring just arrived and Ellen is already talking about summer! I suppose being from California and living in Newfoundland would make you think like that. Even though we are having some really nice weather, we do have to remember it is still only April and it's a bit on the chilly side some days.

Being a true Newfoundlander I check the Weather Network every day and often click on the pictures that people upload just to see what's on the go. I upload pictures there myself sometimes. A few days ago while I was browsing I noticed someone had uploaded a picture of an iceberg at Maddox Cove. So, when it was time for Ellen to model the finished mesh stitch sweater, John, Ellen and I headed out to Maddox Cove for a look. Sure enough! As soon as we rounded the corner from Petty Harbour, the iceberg came into view. We took a side road to see if we could get closer, but ended up at another section of the East Coast Trail. I took Ellen and headed part way down the trail but I clearly didn't wear the proper footwear and had to turn back. Note to self though - must return in summer when it's (hopefully) drier. The sign says that you can walk to Cape Spear from there (10.7kms)!

We took a few shots of Ellen in her summer mesh sweater. It's hand knit and modelled in the post last Sunday when it was partially complete. I wanted you to see how it turned out when finished. The yarn label said that it could be machine washed and machine dried on low. I never trust that, so I hand washed it, only to discover the sleeves stretched 5 inches! Oops! I left it to dry on a towel, properly blocked, but after 12 hours realized that it needed the drier at least for a few minutes. I put it in the drier on low heat for 15 minutes and everything went back to normal. Whew! It was still damp, so I blocked it again and it turned out fine. So happy! The sleeves are intended to be a bit long so that they can bunch up. I will have to enlist a real live model to show you how it's 'supposed' to look.  No offence Ellen!

Anyway, I've named this sweater - "Annie-licious".  It's pink - the colour of bubble gum and it reminds me of my friend Annie's bubbly personality so I named it after her. I want to develop this pattern for eventual sale so I have to knit it a couple more times to make sure I work out all the bugs and make some improvements. It won't always be knit in pink but I think it will always remind me of Annie!

After the modelling session, we headed over to Petty Harbour and took a few pictures. I came across some neat marble (it looks like marble so we'll call it that) set in the rock - wishing I could have a piece. I like fancy rocks.

And, to complete the post I've included a picture of Cooper who came for a visit today. We walked on the trail and made muffins. Cooper is around 16 months old now and a very good doggie! 

Maddox Cove (from the road near the East Coast Trail)

Maddox Cove (looking out to sea)

Here's the iceberg!

Petty Harbour side looking back toward Maddox Cove. The official name of the town is Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove.

Same iceberg looking out from Petty Harbour. See the neat marble in the rock?

Close up of marble. 

Looking toward Petty Harbour

See how clear the water is? You can see the rocks under the water.

Part of Petty Harbour

Petty Harbour Breakwater

Cooper on the trail. He has his eye on something!  :-)

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