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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gloves With No Fingers Ellen?!

I've never knit fingerless gloves - until now. I've seen them in pattern books and on models but never really saw the need or the sense of them, being the practical person that I am. However, lately I've been drawn to them more than ever and seeking patterns for them. Strange as it may seem, I now really like them! So, I decided to knit a pair - simple ones mind you. I found an easy cable pattern in Knitting at Home by Leanne Prouse and just happened to have compatible yarn. Yaay!

When I started knitting them a few weeks ago John asked what is the purpose of fingerless gloves and who would wear them. I just said that I know people who would wear them, at the same time wondering what I would do with them. When they were finished I tried them on but they didn't suit my hands. I was disappointed with that because last week when we went fishing I had my sweater pulled down over my fingers and immediately thought of the fingerless gloves I was making. Anyway, I decided that they are a Christmas gift for a fashionable person. 

Ellen wanted to model them which I thought was totally ridiculous, then she enlisted Alana's help and off we went to do a photo shoot on the back patio. It's really windy here today (gusts up to 60 kms) and only 8 degrees C so Ellen had to be sheltered. Poor Alana dressed up in her sweater and jacket but still nearly perished with the cold. I promised to make her a cup of tea (lemon and ginger) for being a good sport and helping Ellen and me.

Alana questioned the purpose of fingerless gloves also, but soon got into the groove and came up with some pretty fashionable ideas. She likes them!

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