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Sunday, October 9, 2011

But You Don't Have a Boyfriend Ellen!

A few weeks ago I knit a sweater for John. The neck was a little too wide so I wanted to sew in some elastic thread so it wouldn't lose it's shape. Had the opportunity to finish it this afternoon. It was a beautiful Fall day so Ellen and I decided that seeing I had to go to Michael's for beads for the current project, we should drive a little further and visit Middle Cove Beach. 

We were a little longer at Michael's than expected (pretty busy place on Sunday afternoon), but on my way out the door I noticed the large group of Harvest People on display. I put my beads in the car, grabbed the camera and got a few shots. I like the crow peeping over the top. :-) Ellen thinks the Harvest People are her country cousins. Then, when I turned around, there were bunches of artificial flowers on display in a bin. At first glance it looked a mess, but I liked how the sunlight brought out the colours in the flowers.

Off we went to Middle Cove Beach. Along the side of the road all the dogberry trees flashed their red at us as we passed. Most of their leaves have fallen and blown away but the bright berries are still hanging on. A local old wives tale says that if there are lots of dogberries, there'll be lots of snow. Looks like we are going to be close friends with the snowblower and shovel! Mental note to knit new hats!

When we arrive at Middle Cove Beach, Ellen and I do the photo shoot on the parking lot (better stability for Ellen). Ellen said that she would model John's sweater as a "boyfriend sweater". At first I thought Ellen would just turn around and act as a male model, but she wasn't having any of that, so I went along with the boyfriend sweater idea. Turns out it looks very nice on her. I've heard that men prefer plainer knits so that's what this is, a machine knit, all stockinet stitch sweater. It's knit with Knit Picks Palatte which is a fingering weight yarn. That's means it's light weight and knit on smaller needles. It's also 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

I put Ellen back in the car and went for a walk along the beach to get some photos to show you how beautiful it is there (on a nice day)! We start with the river on the right. The water was low enough in the river that I could skip a couple of rocks and take pictures in the middle of it. The ocean was pretty calm today, but every now and then there was a series of waves that were larger and would crash against the cliffs. Pretty impressive! I love the smell of the salt water and the sounds of the ocean. Wave watching is really captivating! 

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