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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ellen, The Star of Logy Bay!

The Star of Logy Bay is a Newfoundland song that was written years ago.  When we took Ellen to Logy Bay today for a photo shoot, I thought of that song when we were driving away.  Yes, Ellen was indeed the Star of Logy Bay today, amidst the cliffs and seagulls!  It was difficult to tell where the sea left off and the horizon began.

Ellen is modelling a sweater I finished this morning.  It's self-designed, machine knit and hand finished with Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted in Prussian Heather. When I did the garter stitch trim on the bottom I wondered if that would make it too tight round the bottom to put it on over one's head comfortably. So, I left an opening on the side and created the small flap with a button.  When the button is undone, it provides an extra couple of inches to make it easier to put on. The flap is diagonal on one side to accommodate just one button. That's the only button I had that matched that sweater.  :-)

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