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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Off-roading with Ellen and Rosie!

It's been a while since posting anything. That's because it took me so long to knit a sweater that at one point John asked if I thought I would live long enough to finish it! Believe me, there were times I wondered the same myself.

I knit the sweater in the pictures below for me from a pattern in "Textured Stitches" by Connie Chang Chinchio, (Mom sent me the book) but I changed it a little - omitted the pockets in the front because I don't need added bulk around the hips, if you know what I mean? It's hand knit from the top down with Knit Picks Andean Treasure. It fits well (tapered) and is super cozy. 

When John suggested that we go off-roading today, Ellen, Rosie and I jumped at the opportunity. As a matter of fact Rosie jumped up and down many times. Ellen just waited quietly for her to calm down so we could leave. :-)  

We went on a road that seems to be used for servicing transmission lines. Parts of it were really bumpy with big rocks protruding and other parts had small bodies of water to drive through. One has to wonder how deep the water is and hope for the best. We did fine but eventually came to a section of the road that would have only been passible with an ATV. We stopped here and there for pictures. Rosie had a grand time jumping in and out of the bushes and running around. We went home when we'd had enough of the cold!


I like the bright red berries against the rock background.


  1. Great looking sweater - it would have taken me years to knit that one (as I don't knit very well - only dish cloths) - lol.
    Love the photos of Rosie - she is adorable! She is certainly smiling in the first one and I just love her ears in the last one!