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Saturday, March 24, 2012

You Look Like a California Girl, Ellen!

Ellen does look like a California Girl in that bikini, minus the sandy beach and warm temperature!

Angela has been mentioning that she'd like a knit sun-bathing bikini for about a year now, so when I asked her if she would like something knit for Spring, that was the first thing she named. So, here we are with the first Rockin' Knits Bikini!  It's hand knit with "Smile". Smile a 50/50 cotton/acrylic yarn made by Berlini of Italy.  It knits up very nicely and softens when washed.  The pattern for the top took a bit of figuring out. It took 3 attempts before I came up with what you see below. Poor Ellen is not very busty and has a really flat backside, so it's kind of difficult to figure if the bikini is made proportionately for a human. Angela says she will report back to me when she receives the bikini in the mail. 

Today it's a beautiful sunny day here but c-o-l-d! (-1C, feels like -9C) So, when I finished the bikini I checked the weather forecast to see if tomorrow will be warmer, but tomorrow's forecast says flurries, cloudy and still cold. Whatever about modelling a bikini in the cold, you definitely need sunshine, so off we went to a beach in Conception Bay South, only 15 minutes away on the highway. Alana came along to help keep Ellen upright. I would not have been able to manage Ellen on my own in that wind. Ellen looks a little off kilter in the photo below because the beach rocks are big and it's difficult on a good day to stand anything up straight. Add some wind and you've got yourself a situation! Ellen and I both were  delighted to have Alana's assistance.

We did have the opportunity to meet Ticker, a dog who is 13 or 14 years old. His owner was eager to tell us all about Ticker. He didn't know Ticker's exact age because he inherited him two years ago when Ticker's first owner passed away. The man said Ticker never does anything wrong and knows every word you say. He especially listens for the word, "walk" and responds happily when he hears it.

Our short photo session was a bit of an adventure after all. When you meet a dog, it turns an ordinary day into a great day!  :-)

Ticker on his walk

Ticker turned and came back to us for a chat

The man waiting for Ticker

White tops on some waves - windy!

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