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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let Me Tell You a Story, Ellen!

I was going through the photos on my computer last week with the intention of cleaning them up and I came across a group of photos one day when a frog came to visit in summer 2009. I remember that morning we had torrential downpours, then close to noon the sun came out. John opened the door to go outside and called to me to come see the frog. I thought he was joking but went to the door to humour him and sure enough, there was the frog sitting beside the door step. I ran and grabbed my camera thinking he would surely have run away by the time I got back to him. He didn't run away at all. In fact he stayed long enough for me to get over 20 pictures of him and didn't mind in the least that I was very close to him at times. I sent the pictures to my daughters and Angela named him Gimber. John and I wondered where Gimber came from and where he was going. We live in a pretty busy neighbourhood with the nearest body of water being over 1 km away. We figured he may have been from a neighbour's backyard pond. Who knows? Anyway, I wrote a small book on my computer and had it published by Apple. The story is below. Ellen helped hold the book while I photographed it for you. She's into everything you know!

The colourful partially knitted item at the bottom of this post is a Spring scarf for myself. It's being hand knit with Artyarns Cottonspring (80%cotton, 20% wool). I love how the colours are forming diamondish patterns. I started knitting this before finishing the cashmere vest because last week Cooper (dog friend) came for a sleep over and because he's a fibre nut, he would think that cashmere is to die for and nuzzle it, so I decided to start something else that he would be less interested in. The cashmere vest is still in the works and slowly but surely getting there. Besides this time of year in Newfoundland and Labrador we have to seek colour in things other than the landscape.  I'll show you why in the next post.

Ellen helping!

The End!

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