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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Signal Hill Trail Summertime - Part 2, Ellen!

In the last post we had just stepped off the Signal Hill Trail and on to a residential patio. In this post we continue on through the community, winding our way up through the streets (and more stairs) to climb to the very top to where we left the car. Along the way there are all sorts of sights. Toward the end some of the pictures are similar. That's because I stop after every flight of stairs or level to look back. I always marvel at how steep it is and the perspective I get from the top.

Back to the present! The machine knit shrug is finished. Now I have to go back through my book of measurements and see who this will fit. :-)

Today I finally started a cashmere vest for myself. Before Christmas I hemmed and hawed over whether or not I should spend the money and buy Jade Sapphire Handspun Mongolian Cashmere. I've read that if you ever knit cashmere you immediately become spoiled and you will forevermore want to repeat the experience. I took the leap of faith and bought some, cuddled it, wound it from skeins to balls, hand knit the tension swatch and measured the yardage, petted it, then today made the pattern and got started. I decided this one has to be hand knit because cashmere is soooo nice that I want the experience of holding it in my hands. Besides, it's too decadent to put through a machine. I've knit only a few inches and already I understand about wanting more of this wonderful fibre.

I also did a machine knit tension swatch with 100% wool for a machine knit project I want to start later this week.

Shaping up to be a busy week. Ellen is keeping her eye on that cashmere vest!

Section of beach along the side of the road.

A close-up of the rock in the previous picture. A seagull has her nest made on the rock.

Interesting spot! There used to be a sign across the gate that said, "Don't Confuse Education with Intelligence."

Looking back toward the Trail.

Looking ahead toward St. John's Waterfront

Looking back again. We just walked around that bend.

Street mural.

We are up on the next street.

Nice spot for overlooking the Harbour

This cat has to check me out

Stairs that are part of the Signal Hill Walk. My car is up there somewhere!

Still climbing

We just came up from the street below. 

Almost to the top! 

Yaay! We've arrived. The car is just a few hundred yards away.


Tension swatch for next project

The beginning of a cashmere vest for me.

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