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Saturday, October 15, 2011

See Ya Later Ellen!

Ellen was reminding me all day to remember the photo shoot because I am going out of town for a week tomorrow. It rained the whole day today. I waited and waited hoping it would stop, but it didn't. So, when it was almost dark I took Ellen out on the back patio with her umbrella to get a few photos. Ellen was pretty pleased about that but had difficulty holding her umbrella. The wind kept blowing it sideways! :-(

Ellen is modelling an "in progress" bulky collar named "flirt" designed by Brenda Lavell in the book Knit & Wrap by Nathalie Mornu. This is the 2nd design I've knit from that book. All the designs in there are really nice. I'd love to knit them all. This collar is being hand knit using a yarn named Bulky by Blue Sky Alpacas. It's 50% alpaca/50% wool and true to it's name - bulky! So soft though!

The photo on the bottom of this post is of the peplum of a short sleeve cardigan I am machine knitting for myself. It's a thread lace pattern using the 1/1 pattern card - knit with Paton's Silk Bamboo and the lace weight yarn left over from Andrea's wedding dress. The back and two fronts are complete with only the sleeves left to do. 

I thought that the airlines would consider knitting too dangerous to do on planes, with the needles being so pointy. So, last week when we went to the airport with Andrea and Stephan I asked an Air Canada agent. She said it is allowed. Needless to say, I'm delighted with that! Have to go find something small to knit. Hope I don't need to cut the yarn. No scissors allowed!

See you next week Ellen!

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