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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spectacular Sunset Ellen!

Lately we've been experiencing some beautiful sunsets, so today on the occasion of finishing the Catherine Purse for Andrea to match her wedding dress, we thought we'd take Ellen to model the purse and experience the sunset.

We went to a local beach in a nearby community named Topsail. The beach there is aptly named Topsail Beach. It was really windy all day today and I had considered leaving Ellen home, but when John volunteered to come along and help keep Ellen upright, we jumped at the opportunity. When we arrived at Topsail Beach, the wind had dropped off considerably, so much so, that a group of people had lit a fire at the beach and Ellen stood on her own!

We took pictures of Ellen and the finished purse, which is one I wrote about briefly in a blog post back in July (Ellen's Soulmate + What's On The Needles Now). I found the pattern in book called Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding. The yarns used in the purse are the same yarns that I've used in the wedding dress. The purse is lined with heavy satin sewn in place. The wedding is next Saturday so had to finish the purse before Andrea and Stephan come home tomorrow!

After the photo shoot with Ellen, John and I stayed to experience the sunset and take pictures so we could show you. The pictures below are not enhanced with saturation. This is the actual sunset!

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