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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Good Yarn Ellen!

One night last week I finished the red shawl that I started just before Ellen's summer adventures. Remember the "on the road" project?  Ellen modelled the start of it in Adventure #2. Anyway, I  was waiting for the right time, weather, etc. to do a photo shoot with Ellen wearing the completed shawl.  While we did have sunny days, some of them were a little too windy. Poor Ellen blows over if the wind is either bit strong at all.

Yesterday was the perfect day. Ellen and I took a trip to downtown St. John's to scout for the perfect location. Then I remembered the cast iron fence at the Anglican Cathedral.  When we arrived part of the fence was shaded but there was one sunny section perfect for Ellen. At first Ellen complained that the shawl was all twisted until I explained that it's supposed to be like that - adds some interest, you know! 
This shawl is made from Bejewel yarn and the pattern is from the book One Ball Knits Accessories.

When we finished the photo shoot, we parked on Church Hill and I walked to Bate's Hill (about a block away) to visit A Good Yarn, a local yarn shop.  Ellen had to stay in the car because it was a little too far to carry her, plus I was already carrying the camera so I could take a few shots of downtown to show you.

When I arrived at A Good Yarn, I was greeted by Jenny and her dog (both very friendly!). I had a look around, had a "yarn" (Newfoundland term for 'short chat') with Jenny and of course bought some yarn. I'll show you the yarn in another post. Jenny has some real nice stuff there!  I told her about Ellen and Jenny said that Ellen is welcome to come by for a photo shoot some day. Yaay!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. It was nice meeting you too :)