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Sunday, May 24, 2015

What's Up?

Surely you must be wondering.

In the last post I noted that I had quit my day job and was knitting blankets.  That lasted for about 1 month. Then I began a new day job.  In that month I did knit blankets and include pictures of them below.

Even though I now work full time, I naturally still want to knit every opportunity so I figured small items are the way to go.  Enter American Girl Doll, Julie!

I've found all sorts of knit doll clothes patterns on the Internet (thank you to the folks who've posted them), made up a few of my own patterns and traded some with my Mom, who is now knitting doll clothes too.  I think it's a contagious thing!

You will be seeing a lot of Julie and her new outfits - maybe out and about.

Machine knit with Patons' Canadiana.

Machine knit with Patons' Canadiana.

This blanket is hand knit with a variety of different yarns.  I gave it to my oldest daughter for Christmas.

Machine knit with a variety of wools and mohair.  I gave this to the middle daughter for Christmas.

Meet Julie! She's the 70's American Girl Doll.
I was a teenager in the 70's so she's my girl.
Look at that peace symbol on her shirt and the flowery inserts in the jeans.
Yes, we did do that with our jeans!

Outfit knit with Knit Picks Shine Worsted (skirt and jacket) and the top with Shine Sport.
The jacket and top patterns are from"Knit Doll Clothes" and
the skirt pattern is mine.